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Episode 51 – Choosing Where to Hunt


This week, Tommy and I discuss what goes through out head when we are choosing a stand to hunt. Before we get into that, we discuss our rut hunting updates.



Episode 49 – My Phases of the Rut

What up folks? Today’s episode is all about our theories on the rut phases. Although we have a bit of fun with the names and such, the info itself is my feelings on the topic and timings (as of today that is…).


My list of the phases are:

  • Phase 1 – What are you doing here?
  • Phase 2 – Looks different around here.
  • Phase 3 – Where da women at?
  • Phase 4 – The “Rut-cation”.
  • Phase 5 – Last call.
  • Phase 6 – Late Season.
  • Phase 7 – Damn it!

Have fun with this one!


Episode 36 – Hunting Updates and the Tale of Two Bucks


This week we chat about my Rut hunting vacation and discuss 2 hunts in particular. These were very exciting hunts for me and I am happy to share them with you.

– Wayne

Episode 35 – Seeking Phase Hunting Tactics


With the Rut starting to kick off in most areas I thought it would be a good time to take strategy. Today, we discuss recent hunting updates and tactics for hunting during the seeking phase of the rut. (picture is explained… :-)

Enjoy! Wayne

Episode 32 – Rut Hunting Tactics

Rut is in full swing so this episode may be a few weeks late but better late than never. Today we discuss hunting tactics for the different phases of the rut. We will cover the seeking, chasing and tending phases. We talk about setup strategies, scent and communication techniques that are best for each phase and other things to look out for.




Show Mentions

HuntCastShow.com – Joe Duckworth’s Huntcast podcast. Check out the episode entitled “The Test”


Episode 31 – The RUT!!!

Well, it is that time of year. The leaves are falling from the trees, the daylight is getting shorter and the cold weather is moving in. You know what that means? The WHITETAIL RUT! This is the time of year every hunter looks forward to. In this episode we discuss what is the Rut? What are the different phases of the rut? What are some rut triggers and supressors? Last we round it out with some tactics on how to bag that buck of a lifetime.

Before we get to the rut I took some time to give my hunting season update. IT has been slow but I had a pleasant surprise. I discuss the BigDeerHunters.com Big Daddy Buck Stick. Last, we finish it off with some feedback and questions.



Show Mentions:

Big Daddy Buck Stick – http://bigdeerhunters.com
Military Hunting and Fishing – http://militaryhuntingandfishing.com
Facebook Page – http://facebook.com/TheBowhuntersJournal
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