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Episode 47 – Why I Shoot Traditional Archery Tackle


What’s up Peeps? Old School episode today. You just have me.

Today’s Episode is all about the reasons I have chosen to transition to traditional archery tackle. There are plenty of reasons to try and/or move to traditional archery. In this weeks podcast, I discuss several reasons for wanting to pursue the change.

Some of the reasons I discuss are:

  • Yardage Judgement
  • Fast Target Acquisition
  • Flexibility of shooting angles
  • Practice
  • EDC Gear
  • Cost
  • DIY Aspect

We finish off with giving my timeline of my traditional archery journey to-date starting with my first bows I made myself through today.

We also have a couple of shout-outs including a nice NY buck taken by the guys at Vantage Point Outdoors and a listener episode suggestion.



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Episode 26 – Archery Preps for Deer Season

With hunting season closing in fast, it’s time to talk about some of the things every archer must include in his or her preseason checklist. Today we are going to start with the archery tackle. We are going to discuss both traditional and compound bow checks, arrows, releases and some tuning strategies.

Show References:

Stick and String Magazine: http://stickandstring.com

Perrys No Peep Sighting System: http://perrysnopeep.com

CORRECTION – I found Perry in Outdoor NEWS New York, not Outdoor World.

The NY Sports Podcast: http://nysportspodcast.com


Episode 23 3/4 – Turkey Hunting Update


Well I finally made my way into the turkey woods on Saturday. I had a blast and had to take some time to talk about. Even though this episode is marker as a 3/4, it is pretty much full length.



Show Mentions

The New Site – http://thebowhuntersjournal.com
The New Facebook Page – http://facebook.com/TheBowhuntersJournal

Episode 15 – Tuning Up Your Traditional Bow

This episode could be considered a continuation of last weeks episode. This week I discuss the basics on how to tune your traditional archery tackle. Every bow needs to be correctly tuned and a recurve or a longbow is no different.

Covered Topics/Show Notes

Why tune your bow.

Brace height

Setting your nock point.

Choosing your arrow length, broadhead weight and spine strength.

Basic Paper Tuning Methods. Click the link for a good picture of paper tears. This is for a compound but it mentions both nock point and arrow stiffness >>——> Good Paper Tuning Article from Gold Tip

Noise Suppression.

Weatherproofing your bow.

Care and Maintenance.


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Episode 14 – Choosing a Traditional Bow


In today’s episode I discuss what you should be thinking about when it comes to purchasing a traditional bow.

Whether you are in the market for a Longbow, Recurve or any other style, I lay out some points to think about throughout the process.

I had a few weird recording glitches with this episode. You will hear an occasional stutter or skipping sound. It kinda sounds like I edited and cut audio from the episode. That isn’t the case. Hopefully, I can figure that out for future episodes.


Show Notes:

What goes into the buying process
Price options.
Why are you purchasing the bow?
What style are you considering?
Select a draw weight.
Choosing a manufacturer.
Choosing your arrows.
Accessories – Short and Long term options.
Starting out with the new bow.

Episode 12 – Kickoff of The Bowhunter’s Journal

So after a month of hiatus I am back. Hopefully you notice an improvement in the audio quality although I am under the weather at the moment. This episode I talk a bit about the changes to the format of the podcast. I also discuss the changes I have made to my archery equipment including the purchase of a Fred Bear Super Kodiak Recurve. I finish off with some thoughts about a game dinner I went to recently.


Show Mentions – Northern Dutchess Archery