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Episode 47 – Why I Shoot Traditional Archery Tackle


What’s up Peeps? Old School episode today. You just have me.

Today’s Episode is all about the reasons I have chosen to transition to traditional archery tackle. There are plenty of reasons to try and/or move to traditional archery. In this weeks podcast, I discuss several reasons for wanting to pursue the change.

Some of the reasons I discuss are:

  • Yardage Judgement
  • Fast Target Acquisition
  • Flexibility of shooting angles
  • Practice
  • EDC Gear
  • Cost
  • DIY Aspect

We finish off with giving my timeline of my traditional archery journey to-date starting with my first bows I made myself through today.

We also have a couple of shout-outs including a nice NY buck taken by the guys at Vantage Point Outdoors and a listener episode suggestion.



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Episode 16 v.2.0 – Practice, Practice, Practice

SORRY AGAIN! This audio is fixed. The original file was fine so something must have happened during the upload…

This weeks episode revolves around practicing with your weapon. I think practice is one of the most important, yet most overlooked area that we as hunters have. Putting a quick, ethical kill shot is first and foremost our main responsibility as hunters. Practice is what ingrains those skills into our muscle memory. Hopefully you pick up some ideas on setting a practicing routine.

Show notes:

Deer and Deer Hunting Shot Simulator App: http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/shot-simulator