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Episode 54 – Creating Your Own Luck

What’s up Folks?

2015 has been a year that has been leaving hunters shaking their heads wondering why their deer encounters have been down. This week we will be talking about changing your tactics to increase your deer sighting and opportunities.

Big 8 walking in to check a scrape on December 11th, 2015
Big 8 walking in to check a scrape on December 11th, 2015

Enjoy! – Wayne

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Episode 40 – Deer Stories


Hey there! This week Tommy and I take some time to share some deer stories centered around close encounters from the ground. As I have said many times lately, please excuse any audio issues while we work out some equipment quirks.



Episode 32 – Rut Hunting Tactics

Rut is in full swing so this episode may be a few weeks late but better late than never. Today we discuss hunting tactics for the different phases of the rut. We will cover the seeking, chasing and tending phases. We talk about setup strategies, scent and communication techniques that are best for each phase and other things to look out for.




Show Mentions

HuntCastShow.com – Joe Duckworth’s Huntcast podcast. Check out the episode entitled “The Test”


Episode 27 – My Scent Control Regime

Hey there folks. Whe’re back with another episode. This week it is all about my scent control. I dive into everything I do from the offseason straight through to the walk back to the car from a day of hunting. Hopefully you pick up tips. Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments section.

Episode 23 3/4 – Turkey Hunting Update


Well I finally made my way into the turkey woods on Saturday. I had a blast and had to take some time to talk about. Even though this episode is marker as a 3/4, it is pretty much full length.



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The New Site – http://thebowhuntersjournal.com
The New Facebook Page – http://facebook.com/TheBowhuntersJournal

Episode 19 – Big Woods Hunting Tips from a Maine Guide

Hunting the Big Woods is a daunting task that I am admittedly not an expert. To help gain some knowledge in this area, I wen’t to a seminar on Big Woods Hunting given by Randy Flannery of Wilderness Escape Outfitters in Maine. I learned a bunch from this seminar so I decided to do an episode on it. Hopefully I can do some justice to his presentation and get across some of the finer points I heard.


Show Notes:

Dan Ladd’s Website on Adirondack HuntingADKHunter.com

Randy Flannery of Wilderness Escape Outfitters