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Episode 22 – What’s Going On?

I decided to take some time this week to just talk about what’s going on.

I spend some time talking about updates to the show including the new site, the new Facebook page and when I plan on making the switch.

Next is an update on the food plot. Things have been slow due to the lack of rain but they are picking up now.

Fishing is also on the menu as the bass season is getting started.

Turkey hunting has to be talked about since youth weekend was this weekend and the season starts May 1st. I stink at turkey hunting so the chat isn’t very informative.

Last, I finish up with an update in the garden.

Thanks for listening!


Square Foot Gardening spacing guide – http://faq.gardenweb.com/faq/lists/sqfoot/2003112433023631.html

Episode 21 – Its All About The Stripers

There is NOTHING like the spring spawning run of the Striped Bass (except for maybe the fall bass run :-) ). These monster fish can reach 125 lbs in it’s 30+ year life span with common catches in the 30-50lb range.

In this episode, I share just about everything I know about this prized game fish… Well, at least everything I could think of at the time.


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