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Episode 47 – Why I Shoot Traditional Archery Tackle


What’s up Peeps? Old School episode today. You just have me.

Today’s Episode is all about the reasons I have chosen to transition to traditional archery tackle. There are plenty of reasons to try and/or move to traditional archery. In this weeks podcast, I discuss several reasons for wanting to pursue the change.

Some of the reasons I discuss are:

  • Yardage Judgement
  • Fast Target Acquisition
  • Flexibility of shooting angles
  • Practice
  • EDC Gear
  • Cost
  • DIY Aspect

We finish off with giving my timeline of my traditional archery journey to-date starting with my first bows I made myself through today.

We also have a couple of shout-outs including a nice NY buck taken by the guys at Vantage Point Outdoors and a listener episode suggestion.



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List from Episode 28 – What’s In The Bag

I was asked on the Facebook page to provide a list of the items I discussed. I should have put them in the show notes (which I will do now) but here is a separate post with the items.

Before the Hunt
Scent Killing Field Spray ( I use Dead Down Wind. Also used during the hunt)
Compass (2 is 1, 1 is none! My analog wrist watch is my backup)
Cell Phone with GPS and Log apps (I use Cabelas Recon Hunt and Scoutlook DeerLog)
Screw-in Tree Step (I use Ameristep and the folding steps which I don’t know the maker)
Small screw-in tree hooks for holding my backpack, grunt tube, binoculars or anything else. (My backup is a tree step)
Small Folding Hand Saw for pruning trees and cutting lanes
Folding, screw-in bow arm for hanging my bow (My backup is a tree step)
Windicator powder and feather wind checkers
During The Hunt
Buck Grunt Tube (I use Primos and True Talker)
Rattling Bag
Bleat Can (I use Primos. My True Talker is my backup)
Digital Camera (Backup is my cell phone)
Urine Bottle
Fluids for Hydration (and the next hunt’s urine bottle!)
Deer Lures and Scents.
Drag line for scent and a hanging scent “bomb”
Mouth Spray
After The Hunt
Multiple writing utensils (I carry 3 pens)
Zip ties for fastening tags to the animal
Paper Towels
Field Dressing Gloves (Include latex gloves and shoulder length outer gloves
2 knives (1 fixed blade and 1 multi-blade. The multi-blade has a saw which is the backup to my pruning saw)
Ziplock bags (Carry multiple for organ harvest or whatever is needed)
Garbage Bags (Small grocery store plastic bags)
Hand Sanitizer (I use Dead Down Wind)
Rechargeable Quick Charger for Cell Phone
Extra SD Cards for trail cameras