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Episode 26 – Archery Preps for Deer Season

With hunting season closing in fast, it’s time to talk about some of the things every archer must include in his or her preseason checklist. Today we are going to start with the archery tackle. We are going to discuss both traditional and compound bow checks, arrows, releases and some tuning strategies.

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CORRECTION – I found Perry in Outdoor NEWS New York, not Outdoor World.

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Episode 17 – Developing a Consistent Archery Shot

This week’s episode is dedicated to taking your archery shot to the next level. I try to break down the steps that go into my shot and discuss each one. I discuss some bow equipment that can also help with accuracy and consistency.

Episode 16 v.2.0 – Practice, Practice, Practice

SORRY AGAIN! This audio is fixed. The original file was fine so something must have happened during the upload…

This weeks episode revolves around practicing with your weapon. I think practice is one of the most important, yet most overlooked area that we as hunters have. Putting a quick, ethical kill shot is first and foremost our main responsibility as hunters. Practice is what ingrains those skills into our muscle memory. Hopefully you pick up some ideas on setting a practicing routine.

Show notes:

Deer and Deer Hunting Shot Simulator App: http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/shot-simulator