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Episode 44 – What’s in the Bag 2015

20140424_194926What’s up folks? This week on the podcast is a full (very full) list of all the various items Tommy and I carry during the hunting season. Brag a pen and paper ’cause there are plenty of things to write down.



Episode 17 – Developing a Consistent Archery Shot

This week’s episode is dedicated to taking your archery shot to the next level. I try to break down the steps that go into my shot and discuss each one. I discuss some bow equipment that can also help with accuracy and consistency.

Episode 14 – Choosing a Traditional Bow


In today’s episode I discuss what you should be thinking about when it comes to purchasing a traditional bow.

Whether you are in the market for a Longbow, Recurve or any other style, I lay out some points to think about throughout the process.

I had a few weird recording glitches with this episode. You will hear an occasional stutter or skipping sound. It kinda sounds like I edited and cut audio from the episode. That isn’t the case. Hopefully, I can figure that out for future episodes.


Show Notes:

What goes into the buying process
Price options.
Why are you purchasing the bow?
What style are you considering?
Select a draw weight.
Choosing a manufacturer.
Choosing your arrows.
Accessories – Short and Long term options.
Starting out with the new bow.