Episode 13 – My Habitat Improvement Plans

In this weeks episode I talk a bit about my plans for creating a little “honey hole” food plot in my backyard. Since I recorded this from the mobile studio, otherwise known as my Honda Ridgeline, you will notice some background noise. Sorry for that. Hopefully, this episode can give you some ideas about how you can create your own little honey holes around your hunting sites.



Episode 12 – Kickoff of The Bowhunter’s Journal

So after a month of hiatus I am back. Hopefully you notice an improvement in the audio quality although I am under the weather at the moment. This episode I talk a bit about the changes to the format of the podcast. I also discuss the changes I have made to my archery equipment including the purchase of a Fred Bear Super Kodiak Recurve. I finish off with some thoughts about a game dinner I went to recently.


Show Mentions – Northern Dutchess Archery


Episode 11 – Hunting Update, Season Wrap-up and 2012 Kickoff

Well my season has ended and the PHSD (Post Hunting Season Depression) is setting in.

In this episode we wrap up the last week or so of my season. Then we take a walk down memory lane and discuss the season overall. Last, we chat about some of the end-of-season tasks that every huinter should either do, or think of doing.

Episode 10 – Site Updates, Deer Movement, Hunting Updates and a First Buck

This episode is a bit or a rambler. I used a different method to record the audio so you will notice a difference. I also recorded the episode in a few parts and edited them together later. It will sound like the episode is ending but make sure you listen all the way through because I have a story that still gets me nauseous!

Episode 9 – NY Gun Opener and some sad news..

New York’s Southern Zone Whitetail Deer and Bear Gun Season kicks off this weekend. Good luck to all the hunters hitting the deer woods hard this weekend – with a different weapon of choice. My choice will be a 30-06.

Sorry for the VERY short episode but when you listen, you will understand why…

Episode 7 – Scoutin’ Deer


Despite the falcons fighting, the crows crowing and the church bells chiming I managed to get this episode done. Sorry for the background noise… While I am recording I have headphones on and I don’t hear that kind of stuff until it is too late. Guess I still have a bunch to learn about this.


Anyway, here is my babble about scouting…


Oh, and here is the deer that interrupted me.

Episode 5 – News, Turkey Hunting Update and Fishing Talk

In today’s episode we talk about some of the newest NY State Hunting Regulation Updates including the newly created Black Bear seasons and the use of Crossbows. I also discuss my turkey season so far and some saltwater fishing updates.



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