Episode 36 – Hunting Updates and the Tale of Two Bucks


This week we chat about my Rut hunting vacation and discuss 2 hunts in particular. These were very exciting hunts for me and I am happy to share them with you.

– Wayne

Episode 35 – Seeking Phase Hunting Tactics


With the Rut starting to kick off in most areas I thought it would be a good time to take strategy. Today, we discuss recent hunting updates and tactics for hunting during the seeking phase of the rut. (picture is explained… :-)

Enjoy! Wayne

Episode 33 – How NOT to wreck a spot


Today a ramble about why I was away, wrecking a hunting spot and how to avoid some easy pitfalls. WARNING: This episode received ZERO EDITING… Sorry about that… :-)


Site issues

I have been fighting with random sight issues. I apologize in advance to any users who are trying to get to the site. The podcasts themselves seem to be fine but the site pages are having issues. I will resume production of the podcast as soon as I can get these site issues dealt with.


As always, thank you for the support.


Episode 32 – Rut Hunting Tactics

Rut is in full swing so this episode may be a few weeks late but better late than never. Today we discuss hunting tactics for the different phases of the rut. We will cover the seeking, chasing and tending phases. We talk about setup strategies, scent and communication techniques that are best for each phase and other things to look out for.




Show Mentions

HuntCastShow.com – Joe Duckworth’s Huntcast podcast. Check out the episode entitled “The Test”


Episode 31 – The RUT!!!

Well, it is that time of year. The leaves are falling from the trees, the daylight is getting shorter and the cold weather is moving in. You know what that means? The WHITETAIL RUT! This is the time of year every hunter looks forward to. In this episode we discuss what is the Rut? What are the different phases of the rut? What are some rut triggers and supressors? Last we round it out with some tactics on how to bag that buck of a lifetime.

Before we get to the rut I took some time to give my hunting season update. IT has been slow but I had a pleasant surprise. I discuss the BigDeerHunters.com Big Daddy Buck Stick. Last, we finish it off with some feedback and questions.



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Big Daddy Buck Stick – http://bigdeerhunters.com
Military Hunting and Fishing – http://militaryhuntingandfishing.com
Facebook Page – http://facebook.com/TheBowhuntersJournal
Twitter – http://twitter.com/Bow_Hunting

Episode 30 – Hunting Update, Deer Camp and Listener Questions


I’m back with another late night episode of The Bowhunter’s Journal. Since I am a bit pressed for time I had to squeeze this episode in. So, I decided to have a chit-chat episode. I start with a little Jets rant and then jump over to the VP debates that I just finished watching. Next I chat about the Rifle Mountain/Deer Camp work weekend and my dinner mishap. Next I give an update to my hunting season. Last, I finish it off with our first ever Questions and Feedback Segment. We cover choosing a new recurve bow, a tip for a bow hoist alternative, Awesome Notes app for a hunting log, arrow through the hand picture on the Facebook page and tips for setting up trail cameras.


Episode 29 – All About Deer Glands

This episode we are going to discuss a few different topics.

First up is my Opening Day report. Had a “kinda” close encounter with a “target buck”

Next, I give my short review of the Scoutlook DeerLog App.

Last we talk about deer glands.I know, I know, it was supposed to be on scouting… I explain that.  After I butcher the pronunciation of odocoileus virginanus, I jump into each gland breakdown. There are 8 major glands (and a bunch of not-so-major ones) in a deer body that are used for communication and interaction. We are going to cover the Interdigital, Metatarsal, Tarsal, Preorbital, Forehead, Nasal, Preputial ans Salivary Glands. Much of the information has been conducted by Dr. Karl V. Miller of the Danial B. Warnell School of Forest Resources at the University of Georgia. I also discuss the Vomeronasal Organ (that was a mouthful…).

Let me apologize for the squeaky chair. I am moving the studio around and apparently I haven’t worked out all of the bugs….


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Happy Hunting





List from Episode 28 – What’s In The Bag

I was asked on the Facebook page to provide a list of the items I discussed. I should have put them in the show notes (which I will do now) but here is a separate post with the items.

Before the Hunt
Scent Killing Field Spray ( I use Dead Down Wind. Also used during the hunt)
Compass (2 is 1, 1 is none! My analog wrist watch is my backup)
Cell Phone with GPS and Log apps (I use Cabelas Recon Hunt and Scoutlook DeerLog)
Screw-in Tree Step (I use Ameristep and the folding steps which I don’t know the maker)
Small screw-in tree hooks for holding my backpack, grunt tube, binoculars or anything else. (My backup is a tree step)
Small Folding Hand Saw for pruning trees and cutting lanes
Folding, screw-in bow arm for hanging my bow (My backup is a tree step)
Windicator powder and feather wind checkers
During The Hunt
Buck Grunt Tube (I use Primos and True Talker)
Rattling Bag
Bleat Can (I use Primos. My True Talker is my backup)
Digital Camera (Backup is my cell phone)
Urine Bottle
Fluids for Hydration (and the next hunt’s urine bottle!)
Deer Lures and Scents.
Drag line for scent and a hanging scent “bomb”
Mouth Spray
After The Hunt
Multiple writing utensils (I carry 3 pens)
Zip ties for fastening tags to the animal
Paper Towels
Field Dressing Gloves (Include latex gloves and shoulder length outer gloves
2 knives (1 fixed blade and 1 multi-blade. The multi-blade has a saw which is the backup to my pruning saw)
Ziplock bags (Carry multiple for organ harvest or whatever is needed)
Garbage Bags (Small grocery store plastic bags)
Hand Sanitizer (I use Dead Down Wind)
Rechargeable Quick Charger for Cell Phone
Extra SD Cards for trail cameras

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