Episode 23 3/4 – Turkey Hunting Update


Well I finally made my way into the turkey woods on Saturday. I had a blast and had to take some time to talk about. Even though this episode is marker as a 3/4, it is pretty much full length.



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One thought on “Episode 23 3/4 – Turkey Hunting Update”

  1. Hey man, yep those turkeys are tough to get. We have the osceolas here in S. Florida…I went this past spring to Kissimmee River public use area. Got out a little too early, a big ass bobcat snuk up on me while I was sitting down before dawn, I turned and blinded him with my headlamp so he took off. I was a little shaken….morning came and a turkey hen landed about 15 yds away….only gobblers allowed there…she walked away after purring by the decoy and that was that.

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