2016 Longbow Buck

Episode 56 – 2016 Kick Off

Guess Who’s Back!!!

2016 Longbow BuckOn this touching episode of The Bowhunter’s Journal, Tommy and I try to shake the dust off and get everyone caught up on what we have been doing ┬áto prepare for this season.



2 thoughts on “Episode 56 – 2016 Kick Off”

  1. Great to hear your voices again! I got my first buck with a bow this fall. Much more satisfying than my usual rifle hunting. Love the podcast. Keep it up

  2. Wayne,

    I’m happy to hear you will get to hunt in our great state of Ohio this year. I have been a listener of your podcast for several years and I hunt multiple counties in the state throughout the season in west central and southeastern Ohio. I feel I might have some insights to share on the dates of your planned Ohio hunt. If you are interested please send me an email.

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