Episode 43 – Setting up a Tree Stand

20150912_153410What’s up Folks? This week we talk about tree stand setups. We discuss selecting an area and then setting the stand. As usual, Tom and I hash out some differences in approach. Lots of tips hidden in the ramblings.



3 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Setting up a Tree Stand”

  1. Mea Culpa…

    After giving Tom a hard time during 43, I went back to listen to 41 another time. The first time I was, admittedly, listening on/off and lost the thread of (compound) tuning that week.

    I admit my error in not double checking before posting (duh on my part). It was only meant as a intro to see if the show had/ will cover target panic aspect of shooting (trad) bows. Sounds like you will. Much appreciated.

    As a comment on that in 43, I would say that trad bows do, in my experience at least, have just as much if not more potential for target panic given the amount of repetitions needed during practice sessions (which I now limit) and the feeling of not wanting to “let go” or relax the fingers with all that weight at full draw even with instinctive shooting. Not to name drop again, (I will) but I believe Fred Bear had this problem to such an extreme that he actually started using his left arm for shooting. Again, not a criticism in the least, but wanted to share my 2 cents of relative inexperience on the subject.

    Regardless, my apologies for in any way sullying your good name Tom. (Don’t feel like you need to CYA on my account.)


  2. Hi Nic,

    Thanks for listening I (we) always appreciate the feedback. Would be more then happy to discuss target panic in a future episode as well as its hunting twin, buck fever. (Once I research more on the topic)
    We also have a funny tidbit on this subject in our house keeping segment based on an experience I had this past week…. but more on that in #44.

    Please keep in mind I am a new addition so definitly keep catching and pointing these little gems as they just help me get a better feel for how you as a listener receives the information / message I am trying to get out.

    Again thanks for listening and happy hunting,

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