Episode 32 – Rut Hunting Tactics

Rut is in full swing so this episode may be a few weeks late but better late than never. Today we discuss hunting tactics for the different phases of the rut. We will cover the seeking, chasing and tending phases. We talk about setup strategies, scent and communication techniques that are best for each phase and other things to look out for.




Show Mentions – Joe Duckworth’s Huntcast podcast. Check out the episode entitled “The Test”

3 thoughts on “Episode 32 – Rut Hunting Tactics”

  1. Hey Wayne,

    I like the podcast a lot, thanks for all of the hard work. I was listening to episode #32 and heard your comment about the high doe to buck ratio in your area. I am wondering if you have read Kip Adam’s article about buck to doe ratios. He basically explains about it is biologically impossible for a ratio to get worse than 5:1.

    My goal is not to try to prove you wrong, and I realize that one article does not confirm the true facts. I did find the article interesting though, and would be interested to hear your thoughts.


  2. Paul. Sorry I missed this comment until now. I will definitely check out the article. I will comment on this in the next episode. Thanks for listening.


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